What impact does the Inter-State Politics of Memory between South Korea and Japan have on East-Asian security?

Japanese-Korean relations have been highly strained by the history of East Asian imperialism. Therefore the Student Association Jena is overjoyed to invite all interested to a lecture from the PHD Candidate Sungjin Park (Chair: International Relations) to find out about the influence of the Politics of Memory on East-Asian security.

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The lecture „The Vicious Cycle of Mnemonic Rivalry and Security: Explaining Inter-State Politics of Memory between South Korea and Japan and Its Impact on East-Asian security“, held in English, will give a thorough introduction to the topic. 


The Japanese Empire colonized Korea in 1910, and was responsible for a number of vicious human rights violations. The aspect of this colonialist endeavor most deeply ingrained into Korean memory is the comfort women: up to 500,000 Koreans who were forced into prostitution. The way both states dealt with the shared history led to significant tension and even violence. Multiple Koreans have committed what some might consider terrorist acts against the Yasukuni Shrine, where both ordinary soldiers and official Japanese War Criminals are honored.


The lecture will explore what implication this has for both nations foreign policies and the security in the region in general.


The lecture begins on the 12th of June 2024, 18:00 with a duration of 60 minutes. Afterwards there will be time for questions from your side. 


You are welcome to share the information about the event with any of your friends! We look forward to seeing you there!!